Vera Mona Cake and Bake Sponge
QAR 70,00

Cake and Bake is a one-of-kind beauty sponge that can be used wet, or dry, for full makeup application, baking, and setting. Developed with 2 hand-shaven sharp edges, this premium-grade sponge is especially manufactured with non-latex polyurethane foam which rivals all other sponges on the market. The unique density and shape of the tool allows for precise application with minimal product wastage.



Simply wet product and squeeze out moisture before use for a flawless, airbrushed finish.

Reusable and can easily be cleaned and sanitized with warm water, and your favorite cleaning solution, or soap.


Unique rectangular shape

Two sharp edges for hard-to-reach areas

Use it wet or dry

Use it with liquids or powders

Unique density for full coverage finish